• Three Big Advantages of Local Banks

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    December 04, 2019
    Three Big Advantages of Local Banks
    Urjit Patel
    When it’s time to choose a bank, you have plenty of options. From the industry giants you see on TV commercials to the community bank down the street, they all have a different set of perks for the consumer. So, which do you choose?
    Community banks are locally owned and operated across just a few cities and neighborhoods – which means they have a unique ability to understand the needs of local families and can tailor their services accordingly. That adds up to some big benefits for your customer experience and financial growth.
    Here are three key advantages you’ll find at a community bank.
    A Personal Approach
    Familiar faces and friendly service are what community banks are known for. With low turnover and a close-knit staff, chances are you’ll see the same representatives on every visit. They’ll get to know you as a person, not an account number – and that means they’ll be really invested in your financial success.
    From a college fund to a retirement plan, you’ll find a team that collaborates with you to find a financial solution that works. That’s part of the reason community banks are consistently rated higher for customer satisfaction than leading national banks across a variety of metrics like helpfulness, ease of use and efficiency.
    Nimble Financial Solutions
    Whether you’re expanding the family business or starting a new one, community banks are a great choice for raising capital for a small business project.
    Because leadership is local, you’ll be able to share your business plan in person and get assistance throughout your application process. With good communication, short approval times and competitive rates, it’s a good solution from a business perspective, too. Of course, larger banks can also provide small business loans, but their major focus is corporate financing – so your application may not be top priority.
    Banking local means personalized attention, fast decisions and a long-term relationship that doesn’t end when your loan is approved. If you need a boost to get your small business booming, a community bank may be the answer.
    Community Connections
    At community banks, staff members live in the same neighborhoods, buy from the same businesses, and send their kids to the same schools as the customers they serve. It’s only natural they’re committed to financial service that supports local enterprise and local families. Giving back isn’t just an obligation; it’s a built-in part of doing business.
    These are among the many benefits you’ll find at community banks. At Axiom, you can also find competitive rates, low fees, minimal restrictions, and all the financial tools you need to keep your family thriving.
    Urjit Patel is Executive Vice President of Consumer Banking at Axiom Bank, N.A., a nationally chartered community bank headquartered in Maitland. He can be reached at upatel@axiombanking.com or 321-972-3971.
    Kate Quinones, Account Executive
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