• Unit Manager - Manager In Training

    Posted: 08/21/2021

    WORK ENVIRONMENT • Unit Managers manage a staff of approximately 30 hourly employees in a quick service, 24-hour restaurant with an open kitchen area. • The setting is typically noisy and busy, and position requires a great deal of standing. • Most Unit Managers work an average of 9-11 hours a day, 6 days on and 2 days off. In a typical day, the Unit Manager arrives at the restaurant at 6:30am, is actively involved in making and serving food for several hours, handles daily and weekly management, administrative and related tasks and then leaves at 3:00 to 4:00pm, and returns later in the evening several times a week, but not daily. • Unit Managers are in primary charge of and are accountable for the economic success of their assigned restaurant. With the exception of days off, when Unit Managers are not in the restaurants they may be contacted at any time if there is an issue at their restaurant. Due to the nature of the business, Unit Managers are required to work all holidays and most weekends. • A Unit Manager reports typically directly to a District Manager.

    NATURE AND SCOPE Managing Hourly Associates: • Identify, recruit, and interview potential hourly associates. • Make or recommend hiring decisions and conduct or oversee initial training. • Supervise and direct work of all hourly associates when present in restaurant or when communicating with associates from outside the workplace. • Provide general and ongoing direction, supervision, and developmental coaching. o Issue oral and written reprimands for inappropriate behavior. o Make or recommend termination decisions when appropriate. • Analyze and forecast staffing needs; create, manage and post associate work schedules. • Manage payroll, establish wage rates and calculate bonuses per company policies. • Maintain certain personnel records. • Assist in the training and enforcement of company policies (including those related to payment of wages to hourly associates and those designed to prevent sexual harassment, discrimination and retaliation for reporting policy violations) • Review appearance of associates to ensure they are meeting uniform and general appearance standards. • Train and monitor associates regarding proper food safety and restaurant security procedures. Providing Service to the Customer: • Coordinate production and service activities of a team of associates to ensure efficient, customer-focused service. • Actively participate in production and service and maintain cleanliness of food preparation area. This includes taking orders, cooking, expediting, and washing dishes, cleaning table and other service and production duties. • Inspect the inside and outside of the restaurant for maintenance and cleaning needs and follow up to ensure maintenance and cleaning issues are resolved. • Conduct inventory and ensure adequate amount of food and supplies are on hand. • Manage restaurant security issues. Tracking and Controlling Costs\Securing Revenue: • Complete various accounting duties pertaining to sales, operating supplies, payroll and inventory. • Change out cash register drawer. Ensure collection, security and deposit of cash. • Responsible for the cash and food in inventory. • Perform accounting duties, including restaurant audits of food, supplies and money.

    REQUIRED SKILLS\LICENSES\EDUCATION, ABILITIES AND PERSONALITY CHARACTERISTICS Skills\Licenses: • Training, coaching and motivating hourly associates • Recruiting for associate positions, interviewing candidates • Accurate counting and handling of large amounts of cash • Monitoring, attention to detail and following up on sales, costs and inventory • Defusing high tension situations, resolving conflicts and handling emergencies • Self-management and delegating to others • Time management, organizing, prioritizing • Evaluating job candidates and hourly associate performance • Basic accounting • Basic maintenance skills • Current driver’s license and insurance • Minimum High school diploma or equivalent, 4 Year Degree Preferred Abilities: • Fluent/effective English communication skills (oral and written) • Work well with and able to lead a team; demonstrate sensitivity and empathy towards others. • Work in a fast-paced environment without direct supervision (possesses stamina and endurance) • Follow rules, guidelines and directions • Analytical reasoning, creative problem solving, problem sensitivity • Ability to learn and apply new material • Decision making and using good judgment Personality Characteristics: • Honest and trustworthy, especially in financial matters • Disciplined and responsible, especially in financial matters • Patient, calm and confident under pressure • Energetic and enthusiastic, sense of urgency • Persistent • Outgoing, friendly and sociable • Persuasive and convincing • Focused, detail-oriented and procedural

    PHYSICAL JOB REQUIREMENTS The Unit Manager position requires performance responsibilities and tasks in the work environment described previously. The physical requirements to perform the job (with or without assistance) are moderately demanding and include: • Working long hours • Working on feet for extended periods of time • Lifting supplies and materials of various weights • Eye-hand coordination • Reaching, and climbing a ladder • Bending • Stooping • Operation of a motorized vehicle • Use of both arms and hands at the same time as necessary for timely service and production